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Efficient and highly targeted written, graphic and online media for non-profit organizations and small businesses.

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"Jessica is very astute and dedicated manager. She enables her employees to do their best work and allows creativity to flow. She is also very tuned to the changing landscape of the media industry and information-gathering in general. Her diverse set of multimedia skills allow her to effectively create information packages that are appealing and profitable. I highly recommend Jessica for anything position she chooses to pursue."

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At the ripe age of 6, I chose to dress up as a journalist for the McLeansville Christmas Parade.

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Jessica Norman

My life as a former journalist allows me to cultivate highly efficient and highly targeted written, graphic and multimedia information. I work most often with non-profit organizations and small businesses, giving them the most for their marketing budget. The ability to both design and build a wide variety of websites brings the cost down to a level more affordable for smaller outfits.

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