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Efficient and highly targeted written, graphic and online media for non-profit organizations and small businesses.

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"Jessica conveys a friendly, yet professional manner. She was always quick to get tasks done. She is creative, open to others' input, and has quick response time. I have enjoyed working with such a nice, creative person. Even though I was not as knowledgeable in design, she never had an ego with me. She listened to my comments and was very helpful. She is not quick to show her emotions in a challenging situation. She does work quickly to solve any problems and does not try to blame others."

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My original intention was to become an art therapist.

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Jessica Norman

My life as a former journalist allows me to cultivate highly efficient and highly targeted written, graphic and multimedia information. I work most often with non-profit organizations and small businesses, giving them the most for their marketing budget. The ability to both design and build a wide variety of websites brings the cost down to a level more affordable for smaller outfits.

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