the art


About Me

Anyone can build a website. Anyone can put together a logo. But much like anyone¬†can prepare a meal, there is an art to doing it well. It takes time to craft the best way to present your ideas to your audience. Why trust your reputation to your cousin Fred’s girlfriend who understands Wix? Communicating is an art form. Trust it to an artist, like me, and watch as expertise mixes with time-tested principles of art to create exactly what you need, regardless of medium.


I got my start in art. I loved all of it: drawing, painting, sketching, photography. Then I encountered graphic arts on computer and immersed myself in it. Later still came web development and design. Video and audio production. Mass media in print and online. Interactives. E-books. Social media. Brand management and strategy.

Then came motherhood and community advocacy. I saw a need and saw how I could help meet it. Now I’m doing what I love in a way I love, balancing work and life in such a way that allows my clients and myself to thrive.