New WordPress Site Package

Starting at $1,500

Start with the universally easy-to-use WordPress content management system, then spice it up with customizations and add-ons. Perfect for smaller budgets that need to update content often.

New ExpressionEngine Site Package

Starting at $4,750

Perfect for those in need of major customization, Expression Engine sites are handcrafted from scratch. This special includes a one-time licensing fee for the Expression Engine software.

Search Marketing Consultation

Starting at $1,250

Many firms will try to sell you “magic beans” to instantly transform your site into a top ranking result on search engines. Truth is, there are no magic beans. There are good practices, which when combined with patience, can launch your site to stronger search engine credibility and ranking.

Consultations include an outside look at your existing site, and recommendations on: page titles, meta data, content and keywords, structure and HTML.

In-Depth Consultations

Starting at $2,450

Technical consultations go beyond the recommendations and enable me to get into the nuts and bolts of your website to make the changes I recommended. This is a good option if there is no technical resource within your organization.

Workshops enable your staff to continue search engine optimization practices after the site is set up. These workshops include writing for the web, headlines, images and on-site training.


Starting at $3,250

Sell products and services through your website without the concern of Internet security issues. Users select the goods and services they wish to purchase, then are lead to a secure checkout using major credit cards. This is an add-on capability for WordPress and ExpressionEngine site builds.

Visitor Tracking

Starting at $50/month

Wonder how many visitors come to your site? Site tracking software allows you to get detailed information that can help you build your customer base or re-align your site content to fit your audience. Tracking codes are included in site builds, but reporting is an add-on service.

Site Maintenance

Starting at $70

Choose from two maintenance options: a monthly retainer fee or as-needed maintenance fees. For sites in need of more regular updates, the retainer fee will guarantee timely turn-around. Retainers can be arranged to fit your needs.

Back-up Services

Starting at $50/month

You can never be too safe when it comes to your website backup. Let me take care of the monthly backup of your database and files.

Email Marketing

Starting at $100/email

Are you familiar with spam regulations? Do you know how to create visual emails to distribute to large numbers of subscribers? With this service, get customized email templates and content specific for your goals.


I am left handed, which means that I am innately attuned to the creative side. But I also have an engineer’s brain: a brain that loves to take things apart and put them back together and a brain that loves to build things just for the sake of seeing how they function. I use that drive to develop websites.

Often in the industry you’ll come across folks who are good at designing user experiences, or you’ll come across folks who are good at generating clean, efficient code to make a site function at maximum productivity. I’m one of the total weirdos who can do both.