Nothing makes your business look better than a well-designed business card, brochure or rack card. With extensive experience in print design, including file preparation and color/spot separations, you’re in good hands.

Logos & Branding

Discuss the best way to brand your business according to the idea you want to portray, then get involved during every step of the process to ensure the product is exactly what you want, from the basic design to color choice.

I’ll send you a digital source file that you can use in future printings or applications.

Promotional Materials

Collateral encompasses all aspects of business promotion. Get involved with the initial design, then determine what types of products you need to spread the message. I will even connect with your preferred printing company or handle the printing aspects of the project.


Well-designed graphics can help people better understand and retain complicated information. Illustrations can also present a visual representation of ideas in ways photographs cannot. I specialize in hand-drawn illustrations that are digitally colored and reproduced.


Originally intending to become a fine artist or art therapist, I have decades of experience in multimedia art applications. My hand-drawn work has been featured on book covers, and I spent years in the darkrooms tinkering in film camera chemicals. I understand the elements of design and how color and form can affect a person’s emotions.

I find great creative release in graphic arts, and often find myself energized after completing visual projects, especially after spending extended periods of time using the other side of my brain while coding and developing websites.